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Writing competitions to enter in May 2020

Writing competitions are always the answer but they are now more so than ever because we all like a little validation in the form of cash prizes. As we enter the third month of the global lockdown it is becoming increasingly difficult to cope. Whether it is knitting you took up during the quarantine as a hobby or writing, you will need a little more motivation to keep you consistent and occupied.

Lucky for us, there are entry free competitions in the list along with poetry, short story, flash fiction and essay writing competitions in the mix. It’s a great excuse to write more and worry about something other than the numbers for a change.

JKP Writing Prize

This competition is open to the unpublished writer that identify as Trans or non-binary. The theme ‘Trans Every day’ explores the untold stories and real experiences of the members of the Trans community. The focus is on writing something that challenges stereotypes and picks at the details of what usually ends up under the rug.

The competition is a great opportunity if you are looking to get recognized for your writing. The judges include Yvy DeLuca, Juno Roche, Meg-John Baker and Sabah Choudery. Submissions should be original unpublished works of 3000-5000 words. The deadline for submission is 3rd May and the winner gets £150 prize. There is no entry fee.

Find out more about how to apply here.

Mavis Batey Essay Prize

The Mavis Batey Prize is a competition focused on scholarly writing with academic credibility about garden history. It is open to the students of a bona fide university or institute or has recently graduated. The deadline is on 3rd May with a prize of £250. Entries must be 5000-6000 words regarding explorations in the fields of botany, archaeology, horticulture and more.

Find out more about how to apply here.

Pure Slush: The Tyranny of Bacon 

Pure Slush is an indie publisher inviting submissions for their 18th volume called The Tyranny of Bacon.

That’s right. Bacon.

The theme of this writing competition is to write a story or poem that mention ‘bacon’. The word limit for this intriguing competition is 50-1000 words and the deadline is 10th May 2020. There is no entry fee.

Find out more about how to apply here.

Mairtín Crawford Awards for Poetry and Short Story

Working on your first collection of poetry, short stories or a novel? This is the writing competition for you as it is targeted at published and unpublished authors. Submit 3-5 poems and a short story of up to 2500 words that have not been published as yet as a collection or novel. The deadline is 13th May 2020 and the Entry Fee is £6. The award for the first prize winner is £1000 and a 3-night stay at the writer’s retreat at The River Mill. The competition is sponsored by NIPR Books and The River Mill and this year’s judges are Lucy Caldwell and Rachael Kelly for Short Story and Moyra Donaldson and Naomi Foyle for Poetry.

Find out more about how to apply here.

Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize

This competition is open to anyone from the ages of 18-30. Poetry and Short stories are accepted but most important an experimental style of writing is what Streetcake is looking for. To get an idea read the anthologies published last year. The entry fee is £1 and the prize is publication as well as mentoring.

The competition is sponsored by the Art Council in England, Writers’ Centre Kingston and Fly on the Wall. The deadline for this competition is 1st July. Submissions in case of short stories should be up to 2500 words and in case of poetry submit about 3 pages.

Find out more about how to apply here.

Feeling inspired?

Let me know in the comments below which competitions you will be applying to.

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