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Writing competitions to apply to in July 2020.

Still can’t believe that we are in July of 2020. All those memes trending right now about still mentally processing February. Yes. That is I. Adjusting to the new routine or the lack thereof is something everyone is dealing with right now. And for us writers, that don’t write, it is another excuse to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole and blame it on the lack of motivation.

The pandemic isn’t over and the lock down is a hazy mess. Sure. That is still not a good enough reason to not be writing. Thinking that anyone feels motivated right now is a stretch but writing is a great way to get all of our murky, stray, and honestly, quite negative thoughts on paper to acknowledging them. Never, underestimate the therapeutic effect of just writing about it.

Here are a few writing competitions to apply to in July, 2020 so that you can get in the writing mood.

The Binge Watching Cure

The Binge Watching Cure has announced the theme for its third volume. Lo and behold, its Science Fiction. Yes, you can now use all that pent up energy and unsolicited opinions about Space X by writing a well-crafted science fiction ranging from 100 to 25000 words. And it doesn’t have to be strictly science fiction. Delving into sub-genres is not only allowed but encouraged. The prize for this writing competition is $100 and the deadline is the 1st of July, 2020. 

The Novel Award

This is not just a monthly writing competition. This an opportunity for you to get the novel you’ve been working on through to a reputable platform. The Novel Prize is awarded to unpublished writers around the world for a piece of fiction no less than 30,000 words. The Fitzcarraldo Editions will oversee the submissions from Africa and Europe, Giramondo from Asia and Australasia, and New Directions from the Americas. The deadline for Submission is the 1st of July.

Curtis Brown Write from Home Scholarship

The Curtis Brown Write from Home Scholarship is a great way to enroll yourself in a rich learning experience with the three-month-long creative writing program. By submitting a 3000 word draft of a project you are working on, you can get selected to a great writing program that fully paid. The deadline for submission is the 5th of July. 

The Year of the Virus Anthology

It seems like all we can think about is the Virus and how life as we once knew has come to a halt. The Year of the Virus Anthology is a great way to voice your feeling about certain losses you have faced, or just the general disruption and disengagement with the world. The anthology is looking for no specific genre, just good storytelling an observance of the theme, i.e. to encapsulate the different perspectives on the Year of the Virus as we live it. The submissions must be original, less than 7500 words, and not published elsewhere. The deadline for submission is the 10th of July. 

This Sentence Starts the Story

If you are smack in the middle of a writer’s block, this is probably the best writing competition for you. All submissions must start with a particular sentence picked out for the competition and in this case, it is: “Give me twenty”. Sometimes that’s all you need, a phrase or a sentence to get your imagination going. The deadline is the 15th of July and the winning entry gets a $100 prize. 

Staunch Novel Prize

The Staunch Novel Prize is a thriller writing competition but with a twist; you cannot write a thriller with any of the female characters being beaten, stalked, sexually exploited, raped, or murdered.

Sounds pretty straight forward right? 

*old white man quakes*

Submissions must be between 500-3500 words and the deadline for this competition is 20th July. 

Broken River Prize

The Broken River Prize is a great way to showcase your poetry collection. You can submit a 35-50 poem manuscript. The judge for this year’s competition is Kaveh Akbar. The deadline for this competition is 30th July and the winning entry gets £200 prize as well as publication. 

Which one of these writing competitions are you excited to enter?

Click here for writing prompts.  

Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. The staunch novel prize looks interesting and I like that it specifically excludes certain genre that could be triggering.

  2. when I was in high school, I used to join writing competitions. Unfortunately now, my competitive spirit has waned down. But the list sound so interesting.

  3. I am a content writer and yet had no idea about these writing competitions and these sound really good.

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