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Writing competitions to apply to in August.

Here’s how you break you summer writer’s block; with a curated list of writing competitions that you can set as monthly writing targets. These writing competitions have a lot to offer as you can get published and win handsome cash prizes. Pick a writing competition from the list below and get writing.

The Writer’s 2019 Summer Flash Contest

The 2019 Summer Flash Writing contest has a word limit of 1000 words. Send in your best work of any genre and win cash prizes of up to $1000 as well as publication in one of the oldest and most notable literary magazines.

The Writers HQ Quarterly Flash Fiction Writing Competition

The competition requires 500 words worth of prose. The deadline is 30th September. Having read some of the previous entries I can tell that the demand is for neat, articulate work that gets you right in the feels. What I personally love about the competition is the word limit. It’s challenging, but do-able. There is a cash prize as well for up to £450 and one year of Writers’ HQ membership and much more.  It’s a competition to start working on right away.

The 2019 American Zoetrope Screenplay competition

The American Zoetrope Screenplay competition has an early deadline on 1st of August as well as second submission deadline of September 5th. The 1st prize for the screenplay competition is $5000. The screenplay writing competition is for new and emerging screenplay writers not established professional screenplay writers. The screenplay submission must be for a television ‘pilot’. Collaborative work is accepted and one of the writers’ name must be provided as a primary contact.

101 Fiction 100 Words Writing Competition

The competition is due on 11th of August. You must write 100 words and no more. The story’s title should be of one word and no more and the theme is ‘books’. The genres that are encouraged are sci-fi, horror and mystery. By submitting your story you allow your work to be made available for reading online and for free downloads. Submissions should be emailed to submissions [at] 101fiction.com and the stories should be in the body of the email as attachments will not be opened.

The Iowa Short Fiction Award & John Simmons Short Fiction Award

The competition is for unpublished fiction. Writers are encourages to send a collection of short stories. Entries must be at least 150 pages. The winning entries will be published by the University of Iowa Press. The deadline for this writing contest is September 30.

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