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Top 10 favorite blogs – August

As you can see this is an appreciation post of all my favorite blogs so far. August has been my second month with blogging, and unlike July, August has been furious. I look back and I think I know a world of things that July didn’t have for me. I have gotten better with blogging. But then there’s so much I still don’t get.

A few things that I have gotten better with are reading other blogs and commenting on them. This whole blogging thing doesn’t work if there isn’t socialization. Community is key. Some of the blogs have been more than just work. I actually like reading a few. In some cases the design really got to me. It’s amazing how people can get so much on their blog without making an undone jigsaw out of it. For me I think it’s very important that the blog is easy and organized. I like when the colors and the fonts know when to make sense and when to be pretty. The posts are vital and having read so many by now I think I can tell how many people think their post through and how many people just write their own little version of what’s already everywhere. I particularly like when people take a common idea and make it into something you’ve never read before, sadly that doesn’t happen as much as you think it does. I feel like blogging has been much harder than people lead you into believing. It’s not a fluffy alternative to a 9 to 5. It’s a self-imposed all the time until such time as you ‘make it’ which is why it’s worth every blog post you see. Even the ones that need work, are worth appreciating. They look so simple and easy and accessible but there’s s much work involved, its almost unfair to think so.

So for today’s reading I have a list of my favorite blogs that are worth your time and I get to say so because for me in the past two months, they’ve played a major role. This is where I’ve done all of  my looking up. Check them out:

1-) It starts at Midnight.

This is the one I’d start off the list of my favorite blogs with. I think its going be a long time before the material to read on this blog runs out. You’ll find the best reviews. Its an interactive platform and its been a big part of learning how to blog about books for me.

2-) Curly and Wordy

This is the first Lifestyle Blog I ended up sitting through. I mean if you’re going to write about your college life or start a Girl Love series in the year 2016 , it better be this good.

3-) Paper Fury

I used to think I was the only one who thought the blogging voice wasn’t helping but turns out its not just me. This is a place for you read in the most bizzare ‘voice’ how to create a bookstagram better than friggin instagram and how to properly judge a book whatever way in the world you want. A place where you honestly feel like fantasy can be loved more.  Also if anyone gets the credit for the writing the very code of book blogging here you have it.

4-) The Literary Huntress

“The NAme. WHat is that Name”. I like the name. But you know what I love more, the ideas. This blog is creative. You don’t just get to read plain book reviews as if its homework, you read interesting posts like ‘The month I devoured all the books‘ and ‘Five most famous Indonesian folklores‘. And you think wow, someone really put the rules to shame.

5-)Marc and Angel

I think they don’t yet have a category or a label for something like this or maybe I don’t know yet. Here you get to read the most inspiring bits about mental health and taking care of yourself in the right way. Stuff like 30 challenges for 30 days of growth and 50 things everyone should know how to do is definitely something I Iike finding in my mail.

6-) The Quiet People

This one is a classic introvert, bookdragon place to hide. It isn’t just a blog about reading and literature. It’s a lifestyle blog for people who are made of coffee, naps and fiction. If this isn’t worth your time, I don’t know what is.

7-) The Blog Market

You’ll read a dozen blog posts about proper plugins and the role of pinterest in blogging and they are all useless. The Blog Market on the other hand,  is a place where you read about how to blog (all the technical little bits) and you actually get it.

8 -) Bookswept gets the credit for being just about the most peaceful place to visit on the internet.  This blog is NEAT.  If I see any more widgets going in my face from all the blogs that I have visited I’m going to cry.

9-) A little Blog of Books is for some reason the home of good taste. This is the place to come to for suggestions.

10-) Book Riot is the last and not the least for they gave the world A Literary Drinking Game and the most recent treasure that is 6 more ways to beat the reading slump.

Let me know of more in the comments below.

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  1. It amazes me that there is a blog for almost any topic. Blogs are better than TV in my opinion.

  2. I can’t believe it’s only been your second month. It feels like you’ve been blogging for quite a while. I think it’s great that you’re featuring blogs every month. It helps keep the blogging industry alive.

  3. I completely agree with you, blogging is nothing without interaction. We’re one huge community and it would be better if we supported each other with visits and comments. These sound like awesome blogs!

  4. You are so right about if we are not interacting. Networking is so key to blogging. Supporting each other only helps us grow. I love this list and haven’t heard of many of them. I will be checking them out though

  5. I have to have a look at some of these blogs. It would be nice to get some more opinions on new books I’m thinking of reading.

  6. I will definitely read all blogs in the list. They all looks pretty interesting to me!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I have not heard of any of those bloggers before and I will definitely check them out. Also, you are so right when you say that having a blog is down right hard work and not a pretty alternative to a 9-5. Coming in to blogging, I actually thought that it was easy and would demand a small amount of time (everyone else in my family also feels that way) and they don’t get my need to be at work constantly! I love your individuality! Good luck with your blog!

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