Time- Year of Sorrow
Year of Sorrow


Find me then 
The recorded future
The exalted stature
Figures which depict
Does it even exist? 

The truth is
That the right choice 
Is not a constant
The world changes
Every instant 

The myth is
That we believe
Try and deceive
A God that can very well see
That I don’t even believe in me 

The saint said
Mistakes are sins
But sins are mistaken 
By sinners who think
That we cannot think 

I write again 
Without reasoning
Start slow poisoning
Lies I cried!
The testament lied 

And well 
Time goads 
This mind to forget
Love that erodes 
And becomes regret 

Since time immemorial 
Till the very last day
We all were and are still
Searching for the right way. 

For there is still time
To change and mislead
To question and disobey
To find a creed
Besides the astray

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