The Woman

I promise you sometimes the world is on my side. 

and I write the future. 

I let the trees grow their barks through walls 

and then they are homes no longer

sometimes the pavement cracks open 

for a clover. 

sometimes a deer in the woods gets to decide

the trickle down of planets.

and when I write the skies purple 

they will cry with you. 

for all the times you believed in love 

and it wasn’t there. 

when I write about god. 

I feel the child inside me. 

whimpering for the world to be softer.

and I’ll never write about the dossier

empty words in books

and empty houses of faith

when I write the world to its end. 

there will be litter 

where there were men

red skies

and dust mites. 

birds that wasted away dreaming of flight. 

collecting our promises till the end of time

and I will end time.

I promise you one day I will write the new law. 

and you’ll know that god was no woman. 

but the devil is. 

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