The white rage

The white rage

I remember all the things that happened to us before we stopped believing.

I know that the night-time lights that gather from all over town don’t go up to a better place.

There is no better place.

I remember the sand in my shoes but I don’t remember running fast enough and I didn’t save anyone that time.

There is a darkness that doesn’t leave at the promise of dawn.

Remember that there are people beyond repair.

Beyond despair.

There are people that turn to straw from regret.

I remember the man with a childhood friend trapped inside him.

I once met a boy I couldn’t break.

I remember that there are fears within us greater than being taken for granted.

I know that never with a single molecule will you ever trust another but the dream never dies

And no one has ever pretended long enough.

I remember the tombstones by heart.

I know that there are shards of glass still in the air from all the make believe.

I know that nobody changes for the better.

I know that there are no timeless apologies, no sledgehammer acts of god.

I know that you’ll let me go to waste even if there were no darts in your sky.

Remember that every almost leaves a shadow.

Remember the white rage.

The impatient future lurking at your door step promising you it will take only a transparent death.

Remember your verdict and every voice that asked you for an end.

Remember what isn’t yours to forget.

Remember that it never ends.

Momina Arif

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