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The One

I don’t want to be in love anymore

It has been a tiresome make believe

And I’ve not lived better in it’s shadow

I’ve not softened over the edges

I’v become scornful

And vile and iridescent

Demanding of answers that love cannot give

That not loss can make simple

Are all of us made to match?

Was it really so hard to walk home under that big blue sky?

To leave behind a single trail of footsteps but not a lonely one.

Can you build a family with just one?

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  1. This original piece of poetry is graceful, quiet, and also sad. It’s like that lost puzzle piece that is found after the puzzle has been given away. Sometimes it seems like it’s just not a good fit no matter what we do.

  2. I guess this poem forgot about loving itself? Loving yourself first will make you happy, and that also attracts another kind of love.

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