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The Misfits

I’ve missed you like the fall

Like all the misfits do,

their dreams of being extraordinary. 

I knew you’d come around. 

But only to tip the scales 

And disappear 

Some of us roam the earth for centuries 

looking for forevers.

But our eternities are scarce 

He said why don’t you have any memories? 

But I do remember. 

Winters that played over and over. 

Fields of unlucky clovers. 

Waiting for life to unfold at the end of it all.

I’ve missed your steps that rang like quiet thunder

When the world ends again.

You’d come back around with reckless abandon

And you will come back. 

You do 

But less and less. 

And more and more 

You reek of memories of places 

That are no more. 

But time stopped the day you walked out. 

And our ends have awaited your return. 

You’ll come back around like they all do 

Staring at the ceiling of the house I grew up in,

thinking I miss home. 

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