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10 things I know about artists

Here is a peculiar list of things I know about artists by living with one. 1- ) They rarely know what they’ve made: So this is an exercise I have with my sister, who is an artist, after she makes any piece. I ask her what it’s about, she looks at me like I asked […]

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A day in the life of…

For the idea of this blog post, a day in the life of, I have to credit someone else- Thequietpeople.com A day in the life of me includes first of all waking up early. And I do that because I sleep early too. As boring as the very introduction sounds, it is what it is. […]

Year of Sorrow


I knew in the noiseless echo of your steps The cords ran deeper. I knew it in the marks of time no one saw I knew it from the worsening ache to be someone else, anyone else. I knew when the mould cracked and forth came a butterfly

a little something about writing- Momina Arif's Blog

A little something about writing.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Here’s the thing about this blog, it’s a writing blog. So for my very first blogpost I would like the topic itself to be writing. I want it to be about how ‘writing’ works with perfect examples of what the writing process looks like. First of all it’s the inspiration. […]