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Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, your new favourite.

Max Delany isn’t a usual kid. He doesn’t like change, or people, or wearing more than a number of things. Although the book Memoirs of an imaginary friend never confirms it Max does show signs of suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. His parents worry about him constantly. They do everything they can to make him normal except for treat him like he is ‘normal’. Yet this story isn’t about Max Delany. This story is about his imaginary friend, Budo who isn’t imaginary.

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Memoirs of an imaginary friend is a beautifully written account of an imaginary friend who cannot be seen or felt by anyone from Max’s world except for Max. Budo is the way he is because of how Max imagined him, yet Budo is almost like a real boy with a mind of his own and a life outside of Max.

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Max goes missing from school one day and Budo is the only one who knows who is responsible yet there is almost nothing he can do to save Max. Budo has to find Max because he cares about Max and his parents yet Budo also needs to get Max back in time because he only exists as long as Max believes in him which he fears won’t be long if Max can’t see him anymore.

Maybe we are all somebody’s devil.

Memoirs of an imaginary friend isn’t a book you’ll put down. It’s light-hearted yet extremely dramatic and interesting. The characters are rich and imaginative. Mathew Green creates an almost surreal experience with his work. The narrative is powerful yet simple like a fairy tale or a quest where Budo, the very example of friendship and loyalty has to choose between saving his friend and existing. Memoirs of an imaginary friend is a 9 and you can go ahead and add this book to your list of favourites.

…the reader never forgets the incredible courage of the child locked in his world of awkwardness or the tragedy of all the imaginary friends, doomed to vanish into nothingness…  (Jane Housham, The Guardian)


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