last friday of september- Year of Sorrow
Year of Sorrow

The Last Friday of September

There was something wrong

Something unimaginably wrong

Something I could’ve sworn by

In the tainted wine

In the back of my mind

It was all wrong

There was someone peeking through the smoke

Someone screaming in the backgrounds

                      Something faded out in the flames

There was a crack in the walls

A trick in the promise

There was a face to the mask

A plea in your smile

There was a noise to the whisper

There was a secret to the night

Secret burning wild in the night

There was a code in the music and it was all a lie

An undiminished lie

Crawling its way beyond

Shivering along the winds

Ripping through the clouds

The gates had opened and not to let the spirits out.

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  1. I love the darkness of this poem, I guess its because I’m a Scorpio and I’m fascinated by things like that. I love the line that says there was a code in the music and it was all a lie. Great piece!

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