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How to read all the books you have been putting off during the lockdown?

Some of us would like to be better readers; alas we are not and are our excuses could amount to a book of their own. From challenging work hours to trouble sticking to new habits; there’s something for everyone. But this is something the lockdown has given us, a golden opportunity to use all this uncertainty and free time to just read all the books we have been putting off. Sure, you don’t know what stock to pull out and where to invest but reading a book in the (indefinite) meantime is always a good move.

Consider that benefits

Reading is the best thing you can do when you’re feeling anxious. Take it from someone with record-breaking anxiety about virtually anything. Reading is what can stop your racing thoughts about finances, that person in the dairy aisle the other day who coughed and the imminent end. Reading is pretty calming and yes you have enough books at home to keep you from flipping out for the next couple of months. * Stares at TBR pile*

Be a Darwin about it.

Now, this has been my rule about reading for a long time. If the book doesn’t interest you, put it down. No point reading something you don’t enjoy and here’s the tell; you are not hooked in the first few chapters. There are way too many great books out there that you could be reading. The quarantine is not the time to be reading something that bores you. You are reading to not get bored. * TBR winces *

Go through your bookshelf

What better time than this to go through your books and tag them. Organize your little library of intrigue and for god’s sake; alphabetic order.

Organizing your bookshelves will give you some much-needed bonding time with your books. You will realize how much you have been putting certain things off and how this is the best time to immerse yourself in hobbies (reading for one) that are fun and that seriously need some more of in your life. Going through your bookshelf is a great way to find new reads instead of just buying new reads. Do some unlikely reading. Get out of your comfort zone and do some light dusting for good luck.

Don’t make any goals

The whole idea of making a reading goal to achieve during this time is overrated and quite frankly unnecessary. The reason why you are reading is not that you are stuck at home and you have nothing better to do. This is not a productivity marathon you have to run. This is you, reading because it’s fun and it’s making all this time you are spending at home more bearable. Making it into a chore will only make this less enjoyable and god knows we don’t need that.

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