15.5.15. year of sorrow
Year of Sorrow


Let go, let go when it seems you have to let it all go let it fly across the room and escape if you hold on you’ll trample the heavens and then the angels will send hell  let go when it seems gone of all the lessons that left marks behind this is the one […]

8.2.16 Year of Sorrow
Year of Sorrow


And do not wither into foolishness Thinking crystals of diamonds. In every fiber you hold the strength of lifetimes that blister the hands of death. And never believe that you’re delicate. The skies tremble for the souls that wake to try again every time. Even if the eternal wrecks in toll. They will never be […]

25.8.15 Year of Sorrow
Year of Sorrow


Can you tell at the crystalline of the moment.The moment they turn.The moment they’re lost. Can you tell from the smothering gold of the sky.Can you tell from the staggering pull of his eye.The angels were playing with hell fire.

momin arif's blog 29-2-16
Year of Sorrow


There are weeds in your memory From playing it over and over Dying light from a fallen star You don’t know how far. Momina Arif Feature Image Credit: For the dreams I want to catch

bridge year of sorrow momina arif's blog
Year of Sorrow


There will be consequence.  Somewhere In lost children. Lost elsewhere Walking down a bridge that guarded time Following back home a risen tide Was that the day he chose his side?