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Agenda for April 2020 & March wrap up.

March has been wild. There were days when I could bet it was summer upon us and then today in the morning (In April 2020) I was freezing and the first thing I did when I got out of bed was put on some socks and then curl back up in my bed. Very productive, the highlight of my week. But on a lighter note, the Pandemic has not been so hard on me or so I like to tell myself. Besides the fact that my boss doesn’t realize ‘work from home’ doesn’t mean ‘work twice as much’ it has been fairly peaceful the past 2 weeks.

Breaking records

The best thing that happened in March was is that I pulled through with the content despite a very demanding work schedule. Historically I have erred time and again and half-assed my posting schedule. I am surprised I managed it this time because there has been a good blog post or two up every week, and last year that would have been a wild outreach for me. But last year I wasn’t as happy working on my blog as I am this year.

Found some musical gems

This is not courtesy of sitting at home due to COVID-19, this is just my mood around springtime. Here’s how I feel about stuff in music:

TBR looks like:

And if I could stop rewatching Suits, I’d probably watch Freud or the Pandemic docuseries.

Hoping for…

Year of Sorrow has played the favourite child for a while but I have been writing some more and in ways, nothing has changed. But in other ways, I am not sure if someone who doesn’t know my work would think a poem I wrote right now and something I wrote 7 years ago are from the same writer. Someone told me once that my poetry reminds them of Pink Floyd and not that it isn’t the greatest compliment ever but I want it to sound more like me.

I want to wrap up Year of Sorrow. Make sure as many people get to read it as possible and I am looking for ways to better achieve that. I will be posting new excerpts and I would love to get feedback on it.

I want to share more book reviews but with a spin on it and I also want to share some of my own short stories that I have been working on. I want to put in the kind of work in this blog that you would if it was a job but I also want it to feel like a hobby.

Bucket list for when this is all over?

While it is best to stay at home, the pandemic has made me realize that I am an idiot who stays at home way too often, does not take enough leaves from work and should’ve gotten that haircut I’ve been thinking about a month ago. Also how great was dry-cleaning? It is a really good time to think about everything you can and should have done in the event, the world really does end in April 2020. (Just kidding)

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