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A little something about writing.

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Here’s the thing about this blog, it’s a writing blog. So for my very first blogpost I would like the topic itself to be writing. I want it to be about how ‘writing’ works with perfect examples of what the writing process looks like.

First of all it’s the inspiration. What is Inspiration? I don’t actually know how to explain it. (Sorry.)



But that’s what it is.

Where does it all come from? What is it about?

Writing falls somewhere between not knowing what you’re going to do and then just letting it happen. You don’t actually know what you’re going to have by the end but that’s the point. Inspiration can be different for every writer. I like listening to people. I believe there’s always a story out there and if you pay attention it will find you. Once the story is found, my job is to give that story justice.


That’s not necessarily the case with everyone. I think one person who really gets the writing process is Austin Kleon, author of Steal like an artist and Newspaper Blackout.



Sometimes I think all our ideas are just waiting for us to have nothing else to think about.


It’s always a struggle between staying original and yet writing something that has an audience, or that will mean something. One common misconception about writers is that in order to stay original they try to write for themselves and no one else. That is not entirely true even when it’s mostly true.



As a writer you have to keep the projections of other people outside of your writing. It can kill originality but it’s also about striking a balance between writing what is real to you and what your readers will appreciate and relate to. You can’t write in order to write like someone even if that someone inspires you. There your creativity suffers its greatest set back. You have to keep this in mind about writing, the way you see it and the way you write when you do so honestly, will sound very different from what any other writer has ever written and that is a very good thing.



It might seem like the inspiration will just never come. That’s called a writer’s block. It’s a nightmare when you’re new to writing. It feels like you had one thing that you were good at and now even that is gone. But then you overcome it (and you do). I don’t honestly think creativity has a date for when it’s no more. You can do a lot when you’ve got nothing to write, enough to make you feel you never stopped writing. Also it’s true that worrying you may never write again can make the writer’s block feel more real than it is.


Writing has to be about you. People write primarily because they wanted to write, because they have it in them to express in a way that is symbolic even when what they are feeling is ordinary. Writing does not require that you beat every other writer to it, it requires (only) that you write something you would like to write about.

Some of the days you will feel like what you are writing might as well be shit. That’s because most of us end up trying too hard, as if you’re trying to squeeze out the very last of product from a tube and you realize it’s still not enough. You can’t control creativity on the days when it doesn’t even feel like being around. That has to do with your mood and how you’re feeling, you see?



But you have to keep writing, you have to respect all the drafts that are not even worth looking at and you still have to write a new one. Give it time but stop counting. Write about something you’ve never tried writing about. Write about your cat. Write about 5th grade but write until you feel like you’re enjoying it again.

And most importantly,



Momina Arif.






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  1. This was awesome, your trule a gifted writer. . I write for myself because I need to vent about alot of things that annoy me. Interestingly enough, I find solace in knowing I’m not the only one going through what I’m going through. Writing truly does bring people together.

  2. I always love reading about the writing process. I think it differs for everyone and everyone develops their own style. When I write I’m in a total trance and completely focused. It’s almost like my body is there but my mind is elsewhere. Love Love Love it.

  3. I love writing, it works like therapy for me and at times wherein I have all these ideas, it’s a creative output of sorts. It’s nice to inspire people or move them because of what you wrote and how they felt when they read it, but most of the time, it’s better to just write for yourself.

  4. inspiration can be such a fickle thing at times. Some days the words just flow like fine wine, and other days…. there’s just nothing! Its definitely a challenge to be sure.

  5. I really enjoyed your post. As a lover of writing and reading words, I think everyone has something to offer. A story, a perspective, a narrative of some sort. I really enjoy reading other people’s thoughts!

  6. Wow that one about words would resonate with my daughter. She’s so full of emotion and not everyone ‘gets’ it at her age.

  7. I used to write for myself only, it was my little escape from reality into a world of fantasy, but eventually I moved away from it – sometimes I regret, as it did feel great to write. And i agree – every day is a new start, I live by this motto 🙂

  8. I love to write, but it can be hard to come up with ideas. It takes me a while sometimes to figure out what to write about. Inspiration can come from anywhere!

  9. Awesome blog header, it’s a really cool design.
    Hell Yes! For advising people to write what they feel, great advice. This post will be a big help to all authors out there, whether starting out or experienced, it serves as a reminder to always stay humble and always be learning to hone their craft.

  10. I love this post! I’m currently writing my first novel and when I get writer’s block I try to find inspiration in daily life!

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