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A day in the life of…

For the idea of this blog post, a day in the life of, I have to credit someone else- Thequietpeople.com

A day in the life of me includes first of all waking up early. And I do that because I sleep early too. As boring as the very introduction sounds, it is what it is. I wake up early, I work out and I do a lot of other very healthy and responsible things. But this is probably the only good habit I have that I’m very proud of. Usually after that I have to get ready in time for a dreaded 8:30 class but in  vacations there’s none of that. I have breakfast and then for the most part I do aimless stuff like fix my room, check my tumblr/ instagram e.t.c

I take pictures. Lots of pictures. If I had to do something I love other than writing, I’d pick modeling. Except for I’m not tall enough to be a model (proud member of the small people community)

momina arif

A day in the life of me inevitably involves spending a lot of time with my cats. Throughout the day I’ll either have them surprise attacking my feet, or complain about not being fed ( not legit, not one bit). Safe to say I’ve never not had pets at home and I get along with animals pretty well.

momina arif's cats

momina arif's cats

I read a lot. I would say I’ve got a library at home but I don’t. I live in a library, pretty much. There are books everywhere. I come from a family of book hoarders and I probably don’t read more than all of them.

momina arif's library

momins arif's library

I watch way too many TV shows but I’m picky and most of the days it’s me giving up on a TV show because I lose interest very quickly. That’s the story of when I tried watching Suits or Davinci’s Demons or House of Cards ( somehow that’s never the case with anime). I finish most of them. Eleven seasons down and Supernatural and I are still happily married. I wish I could say the same for movies but I can’t.

A day in the life of me is very similar to me throwing a fit about not having enough hours to finish enough episodes. I have no chill.

I spend a lot of time looking for new/ good music. This is one of the things I’ve learnt: the good music no one’s listening to so you have to look for it. The bands and the artists that don’t get enough credit, that’s what you should be into. I’m happy to know I knew of Borns, 21 pilots, The Never Ending and The Faint in about time.

Things I haven’t done in a while include studying law, reading the newspaper, petting a grasshopper, not dyeing my hair. I am an avid believer of astrology and I worry for people that are not but I don’t want to know how my day will go before hand so I don’t remember the last time I checked my horoscope.

momina arif's room

What I am trying to say is: it’s not all that boring. Reading about it might be.

You might be wondering when exactly I write. Well there is no reserved time slot or schedule. I have an endless notepad on my phone. Any and every idea I get makes it to the list. Either I work on it right away. Or I work on it when I’m in the mood. There’s basically no rule for this one. I’m always writing.

21 pilots fan art notebook

So that is what a day in the life of me is like. Reading, cats e.t.c. I probably do other things that might’ve just escaped me. You can comment to let me know what you think and tell me about your day.



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