Year of Sorrow

After a while everything you said became a haze

Hurting you didn’t leave a trace

Whatever we become is frail

Nothing stirs from behind a straight face

All you think you know

You only ever know a name.

– Momina Arif

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  1. I love the poem it perfectly describes how another person can be a stranger again after you sever your ties with them. Thanks for the good read!

  2. The spoken words have dissolved into thin air, the memories have all but vanished over the edge, but in some corner of the mind still dwells a spark of hope,

  3. That is a beautiful poem. Side note: I’m getting a lot of popups from your site.

  4. Whew, been there, lived that. We’re still reeling from the repercussions. Some people don’t understand what commitment really means and it leaves a lot of rocking boats in the wake. Not that they care.

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