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Year of Sorrow


There will be consequence.  Somewhere
In lost children. Lost elsewhere
Walking down a bridge that guarded time
Following back home a risen tide
Was that the day he chose his side?

There’s mercy as well
In a fading life
Asking you why from underneath a smothered sigh
But you thought you saw freedom in the fading blue of his eye
They all once carved their promises into the sky

Shadow-self, did you forget?
I was going to have just as much as yourself
Did you mistake me for someone else?
They made us both from ashes they couldn’t take back to hell.

Swinging haze beneath the marble ascend
Someday, someday again, the bell jar will descend

You found yourself asking for just one thing
Over and over and over again.

Momina Arif


Note: The bell jar is the name of a book by Sylvia Plath which is one of the inspirations for this poem.

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