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20 of the most annoying blog post ideas I got from people I tortured into giving me blog post ideas.

You see all of these fabulous blog posts, this little block of creativity, of course it’s not mine. I’m not even gonna lie. I kidnap people off the streets, trap them in a panic room that I built in my basement. There I starve these poor souls and make them listen to Meghan Trainor all day until they are depressed and melancholy enough to think artistic and come up with great ideas. Well, they are not always great. Sometimes they’re plain stupid and you know what happens to the stupid ones? Well they are faced with the affliction that is reading your own tweets from when you were fourteen. Keep reading and you’ll know what I mean.

  1. Write about funny work place emails.

Like I have a job to start with.

  1. Write about dreams.

I would, but this one will probably require that I spare a week or a month. Why don’t I just write a book? Who needs a blog post?

Where do I even start?

  1. Hey why don’t you write about your feelings?

Why don’t I ‘talk’ about them? Why don’t I put a fork in my own eye? Do you not know how these things work?

  1. Write about seeehyx

*Dies. Boner*

*Boner. No longer*

  1. Write about food.
momina arif's blog/ food blog

What have I done to make you think this was a food blog?

  1. Make a list of all the lame ideas I’ve given you.

No, why will I do that?

  1. Talk about politics, share your views.

No, I’m going to be president someday and I don’t want this.

  1. Write about your childhood memories. Like that time you tried to sell your sister’s turtle.

Are you stupid? That’s not the kind of reputation I want to have. People think I’m nice and all.

  1. Do you even remember the turtle?

Of course I remember the turtle, I fought to get rid of it.

  1. Are you gonna come up with an idea now, or what?

I’m trying. You haven’t insulted me enough.

  1. Write about the unnecessary amount of time you spend feeling bad about your black heads


  1. Write about funny texts you’ve gotten from Unknown numbers.

*who’s this now*

*momeena.. yew there?*

  1. All the rows you’ve had with technology, you could write about those.

The time I lost my sidebar for a month, turns out I had it only zoomed it in. No, I’m not telling people about that.

  1. Write about writing anxiety

*gets back to fixing a month old post, that nobody visits anymore*

  1. Write about all the book ideas you started with but never finished.

*Wails in horrific defeat*

  1. How to Up your eyebrow game

Yea. How?

  1. Write about The Revenent

What about The Revenent?


  1. Write about how much you love Tumblr

Again. Why blog post. Why not a book?

  1. Pronunciations

Nobody cares

  1. Write about Supernatural

Really need to get on with the book.

Comment below and let me know of all the dumb blog post ideas you were given that you decided to use anyway.


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  1. This was a fun read! There are so many blog post ideas and some of them are not really that nice to write about. I don’t like talking about the news, so I make sure I never blog about it. Unless it’s something that we really need to raise awareness on. Other than that, you pretty much have it covered with the funny ones. Lol.

  2. It would be a little embarrassing to talk about my issues with technology, but you have to admit that it can go off as entertaining for others. This was a blast to read! It’s so true, and I’m sure a lot of bloggers can relate to this.

  3. Such a funny read and I do read some annoying blog posts at time! The list of lame ideas, about those funny texts from unknown members made me smile a lot!

  4. This is really interesting. I may start asking people around me for blog post ideas too. Just to see what they suggest. But this will happen only when I can find some time to spare! Blog life is tough right now!

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