17.12.13- Year of Sorrow
Year of Sorrow


Do you remember the last time you made a fool out of yourself

Do you remember the outburst of shame,

The roadblock in time

That eternal moment standing rigid in the corridor refusing to pass by

Do you remember the crescents in your palm made by your own nails

Do you remember the promise that patterned its way into your head

Think of that

Every time they tell you to come back

The whole wide world was once a decision.

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  1. I guess we learn from our mistakes, but it is so hard to be the fool and even harder to face up to it. Your poetry is very expressive and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think of those moments when I feel like I’m about to give-up. Those moments help keep me motivated and strong.

  3. This tells me that no matter how hard you are on yourself for screwing up, your not the only one. someone else out there has screwed up worse. I love the last sentence. Sums up life perfectly.

  4. I think making a fool of myself should have been included in my name some days. I do however learn and try to overcome and be a better person. I think that is life in general.

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