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10 things I know about artists

Here is a peculiar list of things I know about artists by living with one.

1- ) They rarely know what they’ve made:

So this is an exercise I have with my sister, who is an artist, after she makes any piece. I ask her what it’s about, she looks at me like I asked her god knows what. It’s not that there isn’t a story behind the art work. It’s just not a part of their work to think about explaining it. Explanation kills art and you should just look at it and make something up because trust me they don’t know.

2- ) They make use of their hands:

Paint brushes, spatulas, are overrated. You mix the paint with your hands and you apply it with your hands. And as an artist you have to be more than comfortable with it. By the time you’re done you’ll have a crime scene and a work of art.

paint brushes Gif

noor ul huda arif painting

3- ) You can tell by the strokes who made it:

I’m not sure, but at least when I’m familiar with the work of someone I can identify their work by the use of colors and the strokes. Every artist has got something signature but this works like handwriting.

4- ) Colors have proper names:

The reason why I know that there no such things as grass green, sunset orange or blood red is because living with an artist means being more than familiar with artist jargon. Grass green is actually viridian, the color of sunset is vermilion, blood red is crimson or scarlet and I’m probably saying this wrong.

Yes, this artist you know will very casually tell you to pass them the burnt sienna and you don’t know if they mean the band burnt sienna or you actually burnt something.

burnt sienna band


5- ) The many smells:

Of oil paints, glass paints, thinner, and varnish etc. that your nose can now tell the difference between because it’s that familiar with the fumes.

6- ) Buying art supplies:

This is some trip that you have to make to obscure locations looking for even more obscure items. I swear, it’s like buying nimbus but you’re still looking on the side of the muggles.

7- ) I just don’t see enough crayons:

Why do artists do that? Why aren’t there enough works of art made by oil pastels? Maybe I’m wrong but this is something I just can’t find enough of. Crayons are under- appreciated and there isn’t a good reason for it.

8- ) Is it coffee or is it paint water?

This is as real as it gets and worse. Try not to drink anything within a mile’s radius of the art work. You won’t like it.


9- ) Don’t be the first one to touch it!

This has happened way too many times. Take my advice and don’t forget that when they show it to you first it’s probably still wet.

10- ) This is what it looks like when artists get bored:

noor ul huda arif marilyn manson

noor ul huda arif art

Here you can check out more of my sister’s art  work.



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