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10 times the Harry Potter fandom was too funny.

I honestly don’t think J.K. Rowling had planned for Harry Potter to have achieved such domination in the realm of humour. I don’t think she had planned ahead of giving Harry enough sass to burn a house down. But among the many things Harry Potter has given the world, there’s an in exhaustive source of puns and memes that make up 70% of the good things in this world. The rest belong to the masterpieces of the fandoms of Tumblr. When they’re not depressing you with fan theories they’re making you worry why a joke this cruel is so funny. So here’s a post to bring to you some the ‘funniest’ from the world of Harry Potter. And to seriously make you wonder if Humour was just a cherry for the top.

#1  Dumbledore the Mean Girl

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link 8

#2  When they got really real about Hogwarts

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  1. Hilarious post! I can’t get over all the Harry Potter memes circling the internet, they are spot on. I loved the books and the movies.

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