Oh, and the mermaids know that their lads will drown

The lads don’t see now, dear holy ground

But the looking glass is mean

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The god of small things by Arundhati Roy- Book Review.

Remember when in Harry Potter, Snape mocks Harry for saying muggle shit like reading minds and then further explains that there is no such thing as reading minds plain and easy like they’re books because a person’s mind is layers of thoughts and memories with no sequence, without a defined before or after. Reading the god of small things was just that except for it was one mind, two people.


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The 10 things list of ‘I wasn’t thinking when I said this’

What I intend to do by writing this list of madness is provide all the potential writers out there with a crafty ‘10 things’ list of phrases that belong to real people in their real weird, real unedited moments which I give away with full permission to use for whatever reason. What you can do is use these unexpected, particularly graphic, generally creative slip of tongues in your stories. They’re funny when they are done being offensive. Read and enjoy the part where they were not meant for you.

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The only writing playlist you’ll ever need

Right here is a playlist that will put you out of your misery. Because you should never underestimate the role of music in the writing process. Here is a particularly long list of what I call good music but it’s not nearly long enough. It’s not fun making a list of 100 from a list that generally goes way over two thousand. I really hope you enjoy this one and if anything this should put you in the mood to write.

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The Good and Bad of Penny Dreadful.

The story line:

Vanessa Ives is an unusual woman. She has an aura about her which draws danger to her and not because she is vulnerable but because all the twisted things feel at home with her. She lives with Sir Malcolm, a seemingly old but incredibly powerful man. They both approach Ethan Chandler, a mysterious American, because of his skill with guns. They set off on a mission to find out where Sir Malcolm’s daughter is and to kill the vampires who’ve taken her. They ask for Dr. Frankenstein for help who agrees because of his obsession with death and resurrection. Meanwhile he has to come face to face with an old experiment of his that wasn’t as much a failure as he would have hoped.

The Good:

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The kids that your parents warned you about- Skins

Here is what you need to know about Skins. It was originally a short story written by Jamie Brittian when he was 15. Sid and his father are characters based upon Jamie and his dad. The first and foremost character to have been created was Tony Stonem. Luke Pasqualino who plays Freddie in the second generation originally auditioned for the role of Tony and was cast as an extra in the second trailer. The part then went to Nicholas Hoult. The most prominent character of Effy Stonem, played by Kaya Scoldelario appears in all seasons except for season 5 and 6. The only other character to have made it to more than two seasons is character of Pandora played by Lisa Blackwell. The Skins cast all consisted of people who had no previous experience with acting. Skins was a breakthrough for all of the people involved. The writers for Skins throughout were an average of 21 years of age.

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10 things I know about artists

Here is a peculiar list of things I know about artists by living with one.

1- ) They rarely know what they’ve made:

So this is an exercise I have with my sister, who is an artist, after she makes any piece. I ask her what it’s about, she looks at me like I asked her god knows what. It’s not that there isn’t a story behind the art work. It’s just not a part of their work to think about explaining it. Explanation kills art and you should just look at it and make something up because trust me they don’t know.

2- ) They make use of their hands:

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A day in the life of…

For the idea of this blog post, a day in the life of, I have to credit someone else- Thequietpeople.com

A day in the life of me includes first of all waking up early. And I do that because I sleep early too. As boring as the very introduction sounds, it is what it is. I wake up early, I work out and I do a lot of other very healthy and responsible things. But this is probably the only good habit I have that I’m very proud of. Usually after that I have to get ready in time for a dreaded 8:30 class but in  vacations there’s none of that. I have breakfast and then for the most part I do aimless stuff like fix my room, check my tumblr/ instagram e.t.c

I take pictures. Lots of pictures. If I had to do something I love other than writing, I’d pick modeling. Except for I’m not tall enough to be a model (proud member of the small people community)

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Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, your new favourite.

Max Delany isn’t a usual kid. He doesn’t like change, or people, or wearing more than a number of things. Although the book Memoirs of an imaginary friend never confirms it Max does show signs of suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. His parents worry about him constantly. They do everything they can to make him normal except for treat him like he is ‘normal’. Yet this story isn’t about Max Delany. This story is about his imaginary friend, Budo who isn’t imaginary.

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His reigns will tighten right around your neck
His eyes will falter in all the damned ways
You’ll tremble in a great fear
and then he’ll fade away
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The Tin Man

… As if it taught me something great, when it only taught me that you break your own heart by listening to it all the time.
As if I can live under the shade of that dream forever.

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How to get out of a reading slump? (We were liars appreciation post).

We were liars was my ticket out of a pretty long reading slump.

‘The writing style of this book is utterly exquisite and makes this book impossible to put down’ – The Guardian

Reading slumps are terrible. They are composed of guilt, anxiety and a whole lot of procrastination. Reading doesn’t come to most of us as a consistent habit. For some of us its a high. You read 4 books in a month and then the rest of the year it seems reading just one is a struggle. The only thing that can really fix that is a book that comes into your life to save you from your month long reading slump. because if it doesn’t suddenly is 5 years later and you haven’t read anything in a while.

“Never force yourself to read a book that you do not enjoy. There are so many good books in the world that it is foolish to waste time on one that does not give you pleasure.”

Atwood H

We were liars is that one book which you start reading half-halfheartedly, expecting to leave it in the middle and then you absolutely cannot put it down. Isn’t that the feeling we are all chasing? Thank god for the books that you cannot put down once you start reading them. The book gives us a picturesque Sinclair family through the eyes of Cadence, our protagonist. She introduces us to a family without flaws and failure. The 3 cousins Cadence, Johnny and Mirren and Gat, a family friend spend every summer together on their private island called Beechwood. These four characters take us through a journey of uncovering mysteries of the Sinclair family. Throughout the book we get glimpses of Cadence trying to remember something about ‘the tragedy’ from two years ago. We only learn in bits and pieces what happened and we see that the trauma of the event follows her in the form of unexplained blackouts and headaches.

The way this book is written is very unique. Its evident that there is a mystery in plain sight from the very first chapter but you don’t get to it till the very end. The author scatters themes of greed, entitlement and power in the book in the form of characters which makes it so heartfelt when you finally do uncover the mystery. The plot twist comes out of nowhere and wrecks you.

Cadence is not a character you will relate to for the most part. It is her distance and inability to piece events together to make sense of the mysterious tragic events buried in her memories that drives the story. Gat is yet another character 2 dimensional character that seems to represents realness in the story but isn’t explored that much. But it all adds up because the characters are remnants, that add gradient to the story but are not ‘the story’. Not to spoil anything, but characters that seems like hazy images of themselves is exactly the point. 

Someone once wrote that a novel should deliver a series of small astonishments. I get the same thing spending an hour with you.
― E. Lockhart

E. Lockhart is a Young Adult fiction writer based in New York. She grew up listening to Goo Goo Dolls, is a Literature Major from the University of Columbia and has penned the Lena Dunham approved ‘feminist thriller’ called Genuine Fraud which will be released in June 2020.

“We are liars. We are beautiful and privileged. We are cracked and broken.”

E. Lockhart

Do I recommend ‘We were liars’ by E. Lockhart?

Absolutely. Its quick, its thrilling and will leave you in awe. Its exactly what you need if you are struggling to get back in to the habit of reading and beat your reading slump.

To check out more book recommendations, click here.

Momina Arif

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The white rage

I remember all the things that happened to us before we stopped believing.

I know that the night-time lights that gather from all over town don’t go up to a better place.

There is no better place.

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Writing competitions to apply to in August.

Here’s how you break you summer writer’s block; with a curated list of writing competitions that you can set as monthly writing targets. These writing competitions have a lot to offer as you can get published and win handsome cash prizes. Pick a writing competition from the list below and get writing.

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And darling the path will waver like the flags that break their knots

Home will differ away until it’s no place for you

The choices you’d make are branching out

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There will be consequence.  Somewhere
In lost children. Lost elsewhere
Walking down a bridge that guarded time
Following back home a risen tide
Was that the day he chose his side?

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