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The Cities

There’s a part of you somewhere in a school balcony wondering if being alone could always feel so serene

And it takes a while but the walls start rescinding.

There’s a part of you that’s taking it in, second by second.

A breezy September night. 

Everything is fleeting but everything is fine.

And you wonder if you’ll ever be this happy again?


And not really

There’s a part of you that never fell asleep that night.

In the mountains

Hoping you’d freeze to death before sunrise.

That entire year felt like a gut punch,


And not knowing how you felt until it was all over.

It was the year of broken bones and relics

That year when everything changed

Nobody even noticed

You had been dust so long you had nothing to return to

And the whole world became a hiding place.

There are parts of you lost in these cities,

Terrifying cities.

Cities where it only started feeling like home when it was time to leave.

And you didn’t know it then.

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