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Why you should read the Hush Hush saga?

First of all I’ll say that I got to the Hush Hush saga pretty late, and by late I mean, late enough to have gotten all of Twilight out of my system, so when I’m writing a review, the standard I’ll hold it against will not be Twilight, it will be whether or not I enjoyed it.

1- ) Hush Hush (Book 1)

Hush,hush book cover

Nora grey is a nerd, never been interested in the boys at school, has a very small circle that includes Vee Sky and throughout the series a few other people. When she finds herself a new biology partner called Patch, she isn’t happy. Let’s just say she’s a classic case of drawn to the mystery and yet thinks the attitude is repulsive. Of course the series owe their suspense and tension to a supernatural element. Set in Coldwater, Maine, the town is crawling with Fallen Angels and Nephilim. Nora grey finds herself being attacked by a mysterious person who wears a black ski mask. At first she thinks its Patch and then her suspicions divert to Elliot, a new transfer to Coldwater high, when she finds something disturbing about his past. The books involve many references to Christian and Jewish text regarding the history of Nephilim and Fallen Angels.

There was something very promising about the first book. The book introduces you to a tale that is bound to be filled with angel mythology supported by a strong plot. The story is refreshing and you might feel that it’s built upon the same blueprint as Twilight, but the story does take a refreshing step away from that as you read further.

2- ) Crescendo (Book2)

crescendo cover photo

The book starts off with Nora and Patch having a perfect summer as a couple when Marcie Millar, a character that was introduced in the first book as quite unimportant shows up to ruin the day. Nora feels betrayed when Patch refuses to say he loves her after she says it first in the car. The following day Marcie tells Nora she is being stalked by Patch. The entire book surrounds Nora’s frustration with Marcie getting closer to Patch and Patch refusing to explain anything to her and a mysterious letter from someone called The Black Hand. She ends up learning a lot about her parents when she starts searching for The Black Hand. Nora also finds her childhood friend Scott and they end up bonding in an attempt to make Patch jealous.

The second book is pretty raw and spares no expense in creating the most frustrating scenarios possible. I’m not sure about my feelings while reading this but in the second book Patch falls way down from his role as a heroic character. And by the end of it there isn’t much rectifying done. Until the third book or so, you don’t take him seriously. The second book is my least favorite, I have to say.

3- ) Silence (Book 3)

Silence book cover

In September Nora grey wakes up in the cemetery next to her dad, Harrison grey’s grave only to realize she has been out for 3 months. She cannot remember anything form the past three months, where was she, who was she with? Worse yet, she has no recollection of anything that happened in the past 5 months. She realizes she was kidnapped and on return to her school and normal life she has to face crippling amnesia which makes it very difficult for her to cope. She finds herself hallucinating and feels a strange sense of familiarity to the color black. Upon returning home she also finds out her mom is dating Hank Millar, Marcie Millar’s father whom she has not gotten along with since kindergarten. Feeling trapped in the company of her mom and Hank, Nora sneaks out one day to witness a robbery. She finds a guy named Jev who warns her to lay off her memories and to start anew. She becomes adamant to find out about her past one way or the other. The books revolves around Nora’s turbulent relationship with Hank and how she feels there is something terribly off about him. The book is her quest of finding out what happened in the three months she was missing, finding out who her kidnapper was and unearthing whatever she feels Hank is trying to hide in his warehouses.

The third book, although the shortest, was the longest read. Now unlike the second one which is still, there isn’t anything wrong with the writing, the third one is sloppy when it comes to the content. There is so much going on in this book that could be better enhanced if actual fallen-angel/ archangel or Nephilim related content was added to it. The third books introduce the readers to the element of Devilcraft and but there isn’t any proper explanation to any of these elements. Fitzpatrick uses supernatural elements in her work without actually exploring them. What are the archangels like?  What are angles like?  Details on Devil-craft? Not much.

In its defense, the third book is proof that the hush hush saga has very little in common with twilight. Also don’t you think that the second and the third book should switch covers?

4- ) Finale (Book 4)

Finale book cover

Of all the books, it’s safe to say the fourth one is the best. Nora grey has to face the greatest challenge yet that is to lead Hank Millar’s Nephilim army and do it whilst keeping her relationship with Patch a secret. Nora grey learns to work alongside fellow Nephilim supporters such as Scott and Dante who want her to say in power as Cheshvan almost upon them. Nora has to pit up with Marcie a while longer who insists that she live with her in the farmhouse. She explores her powers as a Nephilim even those that she previously did not approve of as a human. She is caught up between Dabria still being in contact with Patch and realizes that there is something Vee might be keeping from her. The book has got combination of all possible threats that Nora must face: fallen angels, Archangels and even the mysterious threat of Devilcraft.

What the first three books lack, this book makes up for. It’s loaded with action and we actually see depth in the characters unlike any of the books before. The ending leaves a few things unexplained which some readers might be unhappy with but for the most part the ending settles everything neatly.

Among a few of the really good things about the Hush Hush saga, there’s the fighting. Becca Fitzpatrick has a gift when it comes to writing about fights and how it all happens. The books are definitely in the category of action. There’s burning houses down, there are girls punching other girls, there is getting shot, and falling from heights and the descriptions are powerful enough to make you feel like you’re in it.

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Secondly I think I admire the sleuthing of Nora Grey and Vee Sky. If you’ve read the books you’ll know that these two with their detective skills not only beat an actual Detective to it, they have been ahead in discovering things as compared to Nephilim Leadership, Stalkers and even fallen angels who are seasoned criminals. I think this really adds up to how interesting the characters are.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the Hush Hush saga gets a 6.


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