- Year of Sorrow
Year of Sorrow

I’m not scared of the starts that wreck you just a little bit enough. I do not fear the benign stops that leave you gasping in puddles of truth. I do not fear nothing that has ever been. But the steady glide. The straight line. That feels like nothing That becomes from nothing And will […]

10.9.13- Year of Sorrow
Year of Sorrow


I fall like an empire at its peak. And you like a feather Flying fatefully down to rock bottom Every cell that trembles in regret Trust me, every single one will forget At the end of a heartfelt cry, every regret is still the right decision On the edge of every loose sword is a […]

8.4.15- Year of Sorrow
Year of Sorrow


What did you ask for when the day was out? When the bridges of red brick Fell to clay And then nothing Like make-believe I’ve had you there in the back of my mind I’ve had you there all this time And this will take me out The way we’ll always end up being casualties […]