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The Good and Bad of Penny Dreadful.

The story line: Vanessa Ives is an unusual woman. She has an aura about her which draws danger to her and not because she is vulnerable but because all the twisted things feel at home with her. She lives with Sir Malcolm, a seemingly old but incredibly powerful man. They both approach Ethan Chandler, a […]

What is a poem made up- Momina Arif's Blog

What is a poem made up of?

What do you need to know about writing poetry? What are the things that differentiate poetry from other kinds of writing? And most importantly, what makes a good poem? Keep reading to find out all  the things that make up a poem. A feeling that really stuck with you.

10 things I know about artists- Momina Arif's Blog

10 things I know about artists

Here is a peculiar list of things I know about artists by living with one. 1- ) They rarely know what they’ve made: So this is an exercise I have with my sister, who is an artist, after she makes any piece. I ask her what it’s about, she looks at me like I asked […]

A day in the life of- Momina Arif's Blog

A day in the life of…

For the idea of this blog post, a day in the life of, I have to credit someone else- A day in the life of me includes first of all waking up early. And I do that because I sleep early too. As boring as the very introduction sounds, it is what it is. […]

Year of Sorrow


I knew in the noiseless echo of your steps The cords ran deeper. I knew it in the marks of time no one saw I knew it from the worsening ache to be someone else, anyone else. I knew when the mould cracked and forth came a butterfly